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BlueStacks Beta


Bluestacks is perhaps, one of the most powerful and effective Android that we can find in the market and that is executable on computers and tablets.

Its success lies in the fact that it is able to operate any application in an operating system for mobile phone models that are most popular at the time, regardless of whether they are games, instant messaging programs or otherwise. It presents all kinds of recommendations based on the preferences of each user and searches.
This program includes the following features: Play Android apps fast and full-screen, copy your favorite apps from your Android phone into your computer and run up to a maximum of ten applications preinstalled and installs to over 26 of your favorite applications, including .

On the left we see any proposals relating to your usage habits, while in the upper part of this program we will see a menu with some of the most popular applications. If you are looking for some specific application Bluestacks gives you the possibility to find thanks to its exploration box. All tools can be offered in a full screen.

This program also allows you to download all you want on your computer and you can see a it in a few seconds on your mobile phone. To do this, you only need to install this program and enable the feature for future synchronizations between the two devices. With this option you can put your contact details, take full advantages of this process of synchronization and access all kinds of fully compatible upgrades for your mobile phone.

What is Blusestacks Good For?

Bluestacks serves, primarily, to activate all the Android utilities within Windows to, thus, synchronize all content you want with the phone.

Integration with Windows

It integrates seamlessly with very few versions of Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7). It provides no information on compatibility with Mac and Linux.

Constantly evolving

Bluestacks presenta una interfaz muy intuitiva. De hecho, funciona como un minisistema operativo completamente cerrado, con los iconos de aplicaciones presentados en una misma fila, un campo de motores de búsqueda en la siguiente y una tercera formada por una serie de botones (inicio, retroceso, menú y configuración). A la derecha aparece una columna llena de aplicaciones sugeridas, tanto gratuitas como de pago. Ahora, por ejemplo, los usuarios pueden importar sus aplicaciones de pago preferidas facilitadas por Appstore de Amazon, Google Play, Getjar y 1Mobile Market.


Bluestacks es, por tanto, el software ideal para administrar tu dispositivo móvil Android en tu ordenador y tableta junto a Bluestacks.

Bluestacks has the following requirements:

Requires at least 2GB of RAM.

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  • Run any Android app on your computer
  • Allows synchronization with the phone
  • Performs multiple application downloads
  • Intuitive interface
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